words that pound…

Why do you weigh me with the scales in your eyes?

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Scaled feet tap dance on the asphalt The rhythm lost in the folds of the city noise Your tail feather kisses burning cement Once Twice -thrice You intently peck Your black and white coat In this lake of neon colors... Continue Reading → Source: Milk white. The sound of this beginning is alien music to my ears. Its hope, it's the joy of winning. It's the sound made by a budding flower heralding the beginning of pain exiting. The sound of this... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow will come, if you will it O Lord I have me a bunch of twins to raise I have to smoothly cruise on this potholed road I have a fully fed man to amaze I have not one or... Continue Reading →

Remember when you reach your dreams end The dream you and I had Remember the bashful eyes

They might poke They might prod Be calmer Than the ripples

Source: Milk white.

Birth Month.

March croons again and again But I would rather greet the sun Or play with the wind blown dirt March whispers again and again "Another number is here" Does she know I can barely get two and four to agree? March... Continue Reading →

you will see time rush in the crashing

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it's black or white....


"Фотоискусство" – блог Алексея Марковича, где он делится своими философскими размышлениями через призму фотографии



A Thing for Words

Writer Joseph Hesch's second-chance journey to a literary life.

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.Welcome to my Metaphors.

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Critical. Crazy. Catastrophic.

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