Science has a way of making gods out of men. Through tests in test tubes,machines in movements or simply cells being brought together miracles are made. I aint no scientist but no scientist is me. And that’s a relief.


Of late politics is a lucrative business(where I am from). And it’s the most successsful enteprenuership idea. You go voice your opinion ,get an audience then a following. Its where most action is,depending on which side of the coin you are on. If you are proposing you end up with the paper, though if you are opposing you will get plenty of tears in your face. I aint no no politician,but no politician is me too. Whpeew isnt that a relief?


Iam not a single mom or a married mom. I dont wake to the cry of kids at 3am,or feel tied to some soul so much our lives are intertwined yet. With the chords of motherhood am not yet acquited,and the kitchen may not be my favourite place in any house but no mom can mom it like me,for no mom is me though am no mom (yet).


Trends come and don’t we thank God that some go? Its tacky living in the same place month after month just as it is tiring to be on the move year after I choose to live in the in between. I can never be the other-centered ,polite,witty person you need. Just as I can never be the all there serving friend you need. Some emotions are not trends, they never change. With all my imperfections and bluntness. My impatience and undiluted love(no matter what). I find it hard and sorry to say its boring being you or a replica of somebody else out there who is great. I like me and learnt to first love the me iam before saying my I love you’s. I am not many things but you can be sure the best candidate of being me has the hands that have written this.