Hope is often preached to you if you are low and display the unflattering traits of one who wishes to be suicidal. Hope to me are feelings often longed for in situations were it shouldn’t.

When you are sick, you long for healing not laughter. When you are down you need courage not hope. For one is bigger than the other. And if you are down and you get healed…you will automatically laugh or smile (even though more often than not life coaches have taken it upon them selves to drill the fact that laughing will get you better if you are ailing.

Courage models in the very same style. It comes dressed elegantly and if you choose to embrace it…voila, hope is yours. Even if you have tons of hope when you got no courage, you wont be brave enough to act out on it. And faith without works is a corpse(hope and faith in my mind are married…. when you have hope its actually faith in something or someone).

In the league of extraordinary ladies courage is an ability they are born with. They don’t shirk away from challenges simply because they come labeled as challenges. They stand and face whatever dares them to a fight, even if inside they are trembling harder than rickety reeds. They can only do that when they realize the simple fact that they are ordinary but with an extra attached to them. So when they don’t dare lose sight of the fact that in whichever labor ward, clinic or hut they were born…there mamas were pushing difference and change into the world, not just some normal missy its an automatic entry into the league of the extra ordinary women.

It’s the only way they aint able to do normal stuff, but abnormal stuff that helps them shine and light up their otherwise dark worlds. But the question stands for both men and women…..are you courting hope to get courage or courage to get hope?