Its dope I say

Not dope like the coke

That usually courses your veins

Or like the smoke

That gets you Crested tower high

This dope is elegance and excellence

Merged into a tight verse

That brings to life beauty, love

And the uncensored flow of affection

Your love is dope I say.


The love you weave

Is not tight like the rope

That saves me from plummeting off the brink

But tight like the hope

That makes me smile at each blue-skied morning

The sweetness of a new day

Curiosity birthed from an unknown way

The light of a thousand chandeliers

Can never match the rays that burn in your eyes

Your soul is warm

And dope I think.


Quit dope

Cool shouldn’t come only to leave you so cold

Nor should your smile be brown

Or your wallet in a constant yawn

Love conquers all they say

Love is dope enough I say.