Maybe am frivolous. Maybe not. My charmless wit is boundlessly eternal. The sanctuary of your forgiveness gloriously untamed. Maybe am not as intelligent or sexy as you think. Your razor sharp opinion is a failure unto itself. Your mild impatience a flaw as rare as oil. Maybe am not as tall or as short as you like. Maybe not light of skin or as beautiful within. But that which I have is not from silicon or pills. I may lack the beauty and the brains. I may not be able to hold my ground at times and may not have the lady like shrill of a laugh you consider to be fashionable. I have this though, a faith in God and love for the me I see.

I may not be the daughter of a political figure and was maybe born with a wooden spoon in my mouth, I may lack the ability to shut you out but as sure as heaven got a knack of ignoring your wise counsel.

And so I row on, but in the churning embers of my inside I have a fire that puts to shame many a blazes. And maybe tomorrow might be a black chasm of God-knows-what but today holds a clarity for me to move, to love and to exercise an inner peace that none can hold. Maybe you may not understand my stance or maybe am all advanced too soon for your old fashioned beliefs .So we can all be adults and get a conclusion where we can agreeably disagree. Your children will understand this and if they don’t maybe your children’s’ children will.