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September 2016

Without lazy smoke lingering above our heads, As cold as stones covered with night dew, without the light we were sent to give, we are candles whose wicks hold no flame, not a flicker, not a finger of light. Without... Continue Reading →

Me in You.

  I tore my eyes away from my soul and looked all around. A crying nation whose sobs had been stifled by  a menacing gun was drenched in shame. I trod the road that led from me And found you... Continue Reading →

Recluse #1

Continuance is a delightful term Nature knows it so Two introverts sat side by side Taking comfort in the silence As the most philosophical of conversations ensued Continuance one muttered in a sigh Is a delightful term the other said... Continue Reading →

Cool Soul

How do you drown The music Being played In your stealthy softness? Invisibility is your cloak Yet you rock Every tree standing In your path Tell me How you drown These sounds O cool of soul your motion is a... Continue Reading →

This Pot Finally Cracks.

When you listen to the words poetry being spoken,lets be honest the word boring does cross your mind. Doesn't it? Really? There will never be a trophy awarded for not understanding poetry(or pretending to) and apparently no trophy for comprehending... Continue Reading →

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