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October 2016


Thirty nine straps yet the badge of rage ...

Lets talk of forgiveness When the rains of betrayal are falling And lightning is gracing The nimbus clouded seas With love leading every step And chairs screeching their way From under the table Heaving hate off our hearts Lets talk... Continue Reading →

Born to flow.

“You are my river born to flow,” mama whispered before the show then the lights found me though my lines were determined to flee into the ocean of heads with thin hope threads being woven into my shrunk heart I... Continue Reading →

The Writer Inside

The writer inside

Nesbit and Gibley

Sparks fly between the girl and the guy
When they ignite a story for the passerby,
Butcher by day, taxidermist by night,
The writers inside them both alight.

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Construction is constant in every heart that hurts as it profusely bleeds Healing builds its walls. Like the generous sun, with abandon you shall give. Again and again, unlocking your heart daily letting Love in.   Saved from DeviantArt  

Harsh lights glare Like an angry multitude the distance helps diffuse their anger against the shy stars. Cold blasts dig deep into my supple skin and you hold my hand serving me the cuisine of your warmth Up Up Up... Continue Reading →

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