On some days its dependable
Just like the sunrise
Just like the seasons change
Just like a sure win.
On other days doubt clouds
What if you leer?
What if you play not fair?
What if the past is sweeter
Than the future you draw?
On some days I want to be alone
Just like a lone flicker
Or a shooting star.
To carry my load,to fulfill my purpose
like a wayward ant.
On some days its bittersweet
Just like the sun shinning in the falling rain
Just like a tear rolling down a smiling face
Just like that hour between night and dawn
On most days I smile
Just like an innocent child
Just like you tell me too
On most days you are mine
Just like the half nail on my right foot
Just like the half tooth in my dental set
Just like the strands breaking free from my head
Am the aglet end on your shoelace
And the twinkle in your star