I sing my self
a thousand lullabies
my heart drumming,
my head scribbling.
I sing my self
lullabies from days gone;
nostalgic tunes.
lullabies from days yet to come;
optimistic songs.
Child, I sing
a thousand times
my blood whistling
as intuition tugs at the chords in my spirit
I sing of love leaving,
a sorrowful song.
I sing of life ending
a heart breaking song.
Lullabies of allies who shut the door,
lullabies of love rising in the cold,
lullabies of life splattered on asphalt,
lullabies of a spirit who can’t be caged
lullabies of victories and defeats
that have lent strength to limp limbs
I sing with my eyes closed
and my mouth clamped
I sing with no tune,
no rhythm,
no beat
I sing and am sung
I am the song.
A thousand lullabies
are verses off