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February 2017

If this is my last day shouldn't I be out of my house letting my skin absorb its last ray? Tell me what would be worse strolling about in meadows green or an hour long session with a life nurse?... Continue Reading →

Where the river bends.

Meet me at the rivers' bend

The Road To Sanity.

The long ago that was yesterday is flying at the speed of asphalt under this car


There is a brown patch of grass in the middle of a forest that was

Life is a big 'ole house

Pain lends a hand, Sorrow too.

as the biting winds spared not our skins and taunting crowds ruffled our emotions

once we are wed and our blood throbs purple not red maybe we will snuggle up in our bed or sit up and watch the night fade then we will kiss like tis said of lovers newly wed once we... Continue Reading →

When the fiery disk rises I take flight, destination waiting Though misty a morn, a plan the good Lord devises When the fiery disk rises Cold gusts I beat as hope arises Each flap, each glide confidence reinstating

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