This is a page from the red-letter diaries

Ink-bled from his heart the writings poured on top of me

To erase this debased and fleeting life in which he found me

To show the cost of what it truly means to be free

The price was the greatest man who ever walked in all eternity

In His lifted reflection I finally begin to see me

A revelation hidden since the fall of humanity

His perfected sacrifice intertwined with the Creator’s divinity

He shines boldly, bursting, clear unadulterated floods of majesty

Everything ever made was made by His very being

The Word that moved and shaped all of history

That Word that hovered over the deep filling the earth’s void and mystery

The heel that bruises the serpent’s head

The cry that calls the prostitute out of her worn-out bed

Touched the blind to see the path that freedom led

Demanded that we would see with our hearts and not with our heads

He carries my burdens, he heals my sorrows

He is my compassion; His sacrifice is my heart’s conviction

To love, to die and in Him to abide

His is a light that shines bright even in the midst of the night

He is the Champion of love, ‘til the end of days always and in all ways.

In red are passages of death and pain

How the only innocent One was slain

Carrying the weight of our sins to cleanse us

Once again,

In red are passages of victory

The plan He laid from the beginning of our story

The One who chose to come, and who chose to die

When judgement fell love looked within and said “No, only I”

And so His is the first testimony of life

His name is Jesus

His name is Jesus and we His people cry

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

His name is Jesus

He is Man and He is God

The prototype, the reflection of what the Father made us to look like


He is the Saviour, the first Champion and Victor

In Him the cost of sin is fully paid for


He is the truth, the Word that divides death from life

He entered the depths of hell just to save you and I

Jesus he walked on water

Fed 5000 with five loaves and two fish

Raised the dead and then gave us the power to do greater in His stead


He spoke truth and wisdom

He was the walking revelation of our Father’s kingdom

He is the bridegroom who loved his bride and gave his that she might have life


The One who holds our resting seat in heaven by the Father’s side


Jesus, my Saviour

Jesus, my Redeemer

Jesus, the Ruler of all rulers, my Master, the Greatest

The One and the Only Creator

In Him I live, in Him I move and in Him I have my very being


His name is Jesus.

There is an audio version of this poem as well. It was penned by Yinka Olojede-James and as you have rightly concluded, makes you love Jesus. Rich imagery, perfect delivery.