Beautifully summarized
Far beyond description
Only stars meet the count
For my Country’s Beauty

Small like a treasure box
A home beyond horizons
That East or West
Uganda is the best

A pearl among beards
A Lily among Roses
A crane among pelicans
A source of voyage
That sends the Nile miles

Rain all year round
Green all that surrounds
Fresh cool breezes
From Lakes all around
An image so alike
The Biblical Eden

People so happy
Cunning and wise
Hospitably Homely
Nice and welcoming
To a home like none
The pearl of Africa

Parks parked with so much
Wild of all kind
Flying, crawling and swimming
Cousins of mankind
Swinging all around
Squeaks growls and roars
Closing down the jungles

Sweet sweet Uganda
A home beyond my wishes
A wish beyond my desire
A gift special beyond thanks
An answer to the special prayer
That all the beauty and Love
We always stand to say
For God and my Country

Aziz Sentamu