words that pound…




I coil up In a millipede instinct when touched


is brutal truths served raw
burning embers that sear the soul

🔥 Blurred Eyes. — Ricardo Sexton

"I paid in full” not to see the cost

Lunch brings a breath
Of stinking air
Solitude is a luxury
(Even on the table next to the garbage)
here on your polluted

This Man

I am a mother
Not a well of IQ
That everybody who squirms
In my amniotic fluid

endure her scorching and burning in the noon time
welcome her descent in the evening

A pearl among beards
A Lily among Roses
A crane among pelicans
A source of voyage #poetry

Who will carry us to freedoms' door? Who will unlock the door for us lame, embittered and sick of mind? Time has changed, it no longer speaks our language our ears are mute to its song.

receive the king in him
be intimidated by royalty in your hands
welcome the responsibility, heave it up and walk the miles ahead happily

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