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It’s always shinning here.

Its always summer here Common but uncommon Like water dripping in a cave Like monkeys teasing dogs In my back yard Its always shinning here Whether the sun is awake or asleep Its rays burn hot on my skin Maybe... Continue Reading →

This Man

I am a mother Not a well of IQ That everybody who squirms In my amniotic fluid

endure her scorching and burning in the noon time welcome her descent in the evening

Who will carry us to freedoms' door? Who will unlock the door for us lame, embittered and sick of mind? Time has changed, it no longer speaks our language our ears are mute to its song.

His head has a coconut feel Lying by his side I wonder If it is filled with coconut milk Or the common grey matter. Its high or its low Love is a feeling that is never constant And when he... Continue Reading →

The Road To Sanity.

The long ago that was yesterday is flying at the speed of asphalt under this car

Pain lends a hand, Sorrow too.

via Daily Prompt: Scent It was a marriage of two scents floral and musk a merging of two minds dwelling in the same house sharing the same rooms seeking to blur the fine line between love and hate but some... Continue Reading →

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