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In a world of maybes Death is certain. I exfoliate my skin, Scour the saucepans, Polish my floor And fold my finished laundry. This is certainty. For when the uncertainty of death Came knocking at my door, It took a... Continue Reading →

It’s always shinning here.

Its always summer here Common but uncommon Like water dripping in a cave Like monkeys teasing dogs In my back yard Its always shinning here Whether the sun is awake or asleep Its rays burn hot on my skin Maybe... Continue Reading →

the wind blows with a firery signature sometimes. Like flames of dry grass Or heat rays on semi arid land. It blows from the east Then chooses its own direction The unpredictably The timed untimeliness It leaves me awed. Today... Continue Reading →

O how I long for your touch Yes its ice Warm ice Its pain Sweet pain Its my understanding of satiety A cruel revelation of faith

there are rumours swirling in the air

I coil up In a millipede instinct when touched

is brutal truths served raw
burning embers that sear the soul

Lunch brings a breath
Of stinking air
Solitude is a luxury
(Even on the table next to the garbage)
here on your polluted

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