words that pound…



is brutal truths served raw burning embers that sear the soul


Lunch brings a breath Of stinking air Solitude is a luxury (Even on the table next to the garbage) here on your polluted

Like a babe.

via Like a babe.

I refuse to be a number I refuse to be a shadow I refuse to be an hour long pleasure.

Blank Pages

We are sent as blank pages I refuse to fill mine with hate.

Like a babe.

You can wear loss like a jewel let it glimmer in your eyes till they water up.

from its dust my ancestors rose From its form my breast is mounded. I love this land

my mother is proud I have scrubbed her pans I have tended her flowers i have sat and listened Io her stern warnings concerning the spreading of my legs my mother is proud you can read it in her smile... Continue Reading →

Scaled feet tap dance on the asphalt The rhythm lost in the folds of the city noise Your tail feather kisses burning cement Once Twice -thrice You intently peck Your black and white coat In this lake of neon colors... Continue Reading →

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