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Remember when you reach your dreams end The dream you and I had Remember the bashful eyes

Source: Milk white.

I was told fire can be friend or foe At times it consumes you beautifully Yet it obliterates you completely The next day.

as the biting winds spared not our skins and taunting crowds ruffled our emotions

When the fiery disk rises I take flight, destination waiting Though misty a morn, a plan the good Lord devises When the fiery disk rises Cold gusts I beat as hope arises Each flap, each glide confidence reinstating

Time will tell the waiting crowd the legacy you wanted when you missed as you were missed every second seeing you labor with the weight of love. minutes spent sketching will seem well spent as you tell of how you... Continue Reading →

"It takes precious to know precious",you said

via Daily Prompt: Scent It was a marriage of two scents floral and musk a merging of two minds dwelling in the same house sharing the same rooms seeking to blur the fine line between love and hate but some... Continue Reading →

Lets talk of forgiveness When the rains of betrayal are falling And lightning is gracing The nimbus clouded seas With love leading every step And chairs screeching their way From under the table Heaving hate off our hearts Lets talk... Continue Reading →

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"Фотоискусство" – блог Алексея Марковича, где он делится своими философскими размышлениями через призму фотографии



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