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In a world of maybes Death is certain. I exfoliate my skin, Scour the saucepans, Polish my floor And fold my finished laundry. This is certainty. For when the uncertainty of death Came knocking at my door, It took a... Continue Reading →

there are rumours swirling in the air

Like a babe.

via Like a babe.

I refuse to be a number I refuse to be a shadow I refuse to be an hour long pleasure.

my mother is proud I have scrubbed her pans I have tended her flowers i have sat and listened Io her stern warnings concerning the spreading of my legs my mother is proud you can read it in her smile... Continue Reading →

Scaled feet tap dance on the asphalt The rhythm lost in the folds of the city noise Your tail feather kisses burning cement Once Twice -thrice You intently peck Your black and white coat In this lake of neon colors... Continue Reading →

Remember when you reach your dreams end The dream you and I had Remember the bashful eyes

Source: Milk white.

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