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LOVE Source: Milk white. The sound of this beginning is alien music to my ears. Its hope, it's the joy of winning. It's the sound made by a budding flower heralding the beginning of pain exiting. The sound of this... Continue Reading →


Myths were spurn In the yellow light of the sun And the coal black of the menacing night Of how love grew or sprung Or sat steadily in your heart I seen that Love springs not Or grows Or sits... Continue Reading →


If I were a dandelion would you be a bee?

Where the river bends.

Meet me at the rivers' bend

I am cooking you for the hungry crowd. I am to serve you and watch as

the places we had gone to watch the tide ebb, how child like we had laughed,

How strong, how indomitable , how indestructible is a heart that loves wholesomely, unadulteratedly blending pain and praise forgetting and forgiving with ease. O how strong is such a heart!   Art Credit:Alexandra Arizanovic

Construction is constant in every heart that hurts as it profusely bleeds Healing builds its walls. Like the generous sun, with abandon you shall give. Again and again, unlocking your heart daily letting Love in.   Saved from DeviantArt  

Harsh lights glare Like an angry multitude the distance helps diffuse their anger against the shy stars. Cold blasts dig deep into my supple skin and you hold my hand serving me the cuisine of your warmth Up Up Up... Continue Reading →

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"Фотоискусство" – блог Алексея Марковича, где он делится своими философскими размышлениями через призму фотографии



A Thing for Words

Writer Joseph Hesch's second-chance journey to a literary life.

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Critical. Crazy. Catastrophic.

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