words that pound…


Modern Psalmist

the wind blows with a firery signature sometimes. Like flames of dry grass Or heat rays on semi arid land. It blows from the east Then chooses its own direction The unpredictably The timed untimeliness It leaves me awed. Today... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow will come, if you will it O Lord I have me a bunch of twins to raise I have to smoothly cruise on this potholed road I have a fully fed man to amaze I have not one or... Continue Reading →

They might poke They might prod Be calmer Than the ripples

You swayed side to side as the wind individually slapped each of your leaves. Were my thoughts running a marathon or was this a real battle between the unseen and the seen? Did your roots cling to the earth as... Continue Reading →


Thirty nine straps yet the badge of rage ...

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