words that pound…



Remember when you reach your dreams end The dream you and I had Remember the bashful eyes

They might poke They might prod Be calmer Than the ripples

Source: Milk white.

you will see time rush in the crashing

I was told fire can be friend or foe At times it consumes you beautifully Yet it obliterates you completely The next day.

a little blood is still blood


You trifle with mortality shun her kisses dismiss her with another sip of liquor oh manny you are running straight to deaths conference. An appointment you should be less eager to attend.


Myths were spurn In the yellow light of the sun And the coal black of the menacing night Of how love grew or sprung Or sat steadily in your heart I seen that Love springs not Or grows Or sits... Continue Reading →


If I were a dandelion would you be a bee?

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