words that pound…



Lunch brings a breath Of stinking air Solitude is a luxury (Even on the table next to the garbage) here on your polluted

This Pot Finally Cracks.

When you listen to the words poetry being spoken,lets be honest the word boring does cross your mind. Doesn't it? Really? There will never be a trophy awarded for not understanding poetry(or pretending to) and apparently no trophy for comprehending... Continue Reading →




Maybe am frivolous. Maybe not. My charmless wit is boundlessly eternal. The sanctuary of your forgiveness gloriously untamed. Maybe am not as intelligent or sexy as you think. Your razor sharp opinion is a failure unto itself. Your mild impatience... Continue Reading →

Two Sides Of Dope

Its dope I say Not dope like the coke That usually courses your veins Or like the smoke That gets you Crested tower high This dope is elegance and excellence Merged into a tight verse That brings to life beauty,... Continue Reading →

Hope is often preached to you if you are low and display the unflattering traits of one who wishes to be suicidal. Hope to me are feelings often longed for in situations were it shouldn’t. When you are sick, you... Continue Reading →

I am Not Many Things

Science has a way of making gods out of men. Through tests in test tubes,machines in movements or simply cells being brought together miracles are made. I aint no scientist but no scientist is me. And that’s a relief.  ... Continue Reading →

The Night Stealeth Away

The night stealeth away Slowly like a thief in the dark. it creapeth away tentatively with all my dreams stashed away in its bag. the night crawleth by my pain and my sorrow it drags along. The night is no... Continue Reading →


Of all fruits am going bananas. Yes and its sad for they are such sweet yellow things. I think it ought to be bitterball or blackberries (don't tell me they are sweet too….?) I have got my boss hollering down... Continue Reading →

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