words that pound…


Words That Pound

O how I long for your touch Yes its ice Warm ice Its pain Sweet pain Its my understanding of satiety A cruel revelation of faith

is brutal truths served raw burning embers that sear the soul

you will see time rush in the crashing


You trifle with mortality shun her kisses dismiss her with another sip of liquor oh manny you are running straight to deaths conference. An appointment you should be less eager to attend.

If this is my last day shouldn't I be out of my house letting my skin absorb its last ray? Tell me what would be worse strolling about in meadows green or an hour long session with a life nurse?... Continue Reading →

once we are wed and our blood throbs purple not red maybe we will snuggle up in our bed or sit up and watch the night fade then we will kiss like tis said of lovers newly wed once we... Continue Reading →

...lullabies of life splattered on asphalt, lullabies of a spirit who can't be caged lullabies of victories and defeats...

To a purple kind of love.

...Just like a tear rolling down a smiling face Just like that hour between night and dawn...

the places we had gone to watch the tide ebb, how child like we had laughed,

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