words that pound…



there are rumours swirling in the air

If this is my last day shouldn't I be out of my house letting my skin absorb its last ray? Tell me what would be worse strolling about in meadows green or an hour long session with a life nurse?... Continue Reading →

I am cooking you for the hungry crowd. I am to serve you and watch as

This Pot Finally Cracks.

When you listen to the words poetry being spoken,lets be honest the word boring does cross your mind. Doesn't it? Really? There will never be a trophy awarded for not understanding poetry(or pretending to) and apparently no trophy for comprehending... Continue Reading →

Hope is often preached to you if you are low and display the unflattering traits of one who wishes to be suicidal. Hope to me are feelings often longed for in situations were it shouldn’t. When you are sick, you... Continue Reading →

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