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In a world of maybes Death is certain. I exfoliate my skin, Scour the saucepans, Polish my floor And fold my finished laundry. This is certainty. For when the uncertainty of death Came knocking at my door, It took a... Continue Reading →

Who will carry us to freedoms' door? Who will unlock the door for us lame, embittered and sick of mind? Time has changed, it no longer speaks our language our ears are mute to its song.

receive the king in him be intimidated by royalty in your hands welcome the responsibility, heave it up and walk the miles ahead happily

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I refuse to be a number I refuse to be a shadow I refuse to be an hour long pleasure.

Blank Pages

We are sent as blank pages I refuse to fill mine with hate.

Like a babe.

You can wear loss like a jewel let it glimmer in your eyes till they water up.

from its dust my ancestors rose From its form my breast is mounded. I love this land

His head has a coconut feel Lying by his side I wonder If it is filled with coconut milk Or the common grey matter. Its high or its low Love is a feeling that is never constant And when he... Continue Reading →

Scaled feet tap dance on the asphalt The rhythm lost in the folds of the city noise Your tail feather kisses burning cement Once Twice -thrice You intently peck Your black and white coat In this lake of neon colors... Continue Reading →

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