words that pound…



Blank Pages

We are sent as blank pages I refuse to fill mine with hate.

as the biting winds spared not our skins and taunting crowds ruffled our emotions

Construction is constant in every heart that hurts as it profusely bleeds Healing builds its walls. Like the generous sun, with abandon you shall give. Again and again, unlocking your heart daily letting Love in.   Saved from DeviantArt  

Recluse #1

Continuance is a delightful term Nature knows it so Two introverts sat side by side Taking comfort in the silence As the most philosophical of conversations ensued Continuance one muttered in a sigh Is a delightful term the other said... Continue Reading →

Two Sides Of Dope

Its dope I say Not dope like the coke That usually courses your veins Or like the smoke That gets you Crested tower high This dope is elegance and excellence Merged into a tight verse That brings to life beauty,... Continue Reading →

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