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LOVE Source: Milk white. The sound of this beginning is alien music to my ears. Its hope, it's the joy of winning. It's the sound made by a budding flower heralding the beginning of pain exiting. The sound of this... Continue Reading →



If I were a dandelion would you be a bee?

Where the river bends.

Meet me at the rivers' bend

The Road To Sanity.

The long ago that was yesterday is flying at the speed of asphalt under this car

To a purple kind of love.

...Just like a tear rolling down a smiling face Just like that hour between night and dawn...

the places we had gone to watch the tide ebb, how child like we had laughed,

Harsh lights glare Like an angry multitude the distance helps diffuse their anger against the shy stars. Cold blasts dig deep into my supple skin and you hold my hand serving me the cuisine of your warmth Up Up Up... Continue Reading →

Without lazy smoke lingering above our heads, As cold as stones covered with night dew, without the light we were sent to give, we are candles whose wicks hold no flame, not a flicker, not a finger of light. Without... Continue Reading →

Two Sides Of Dope

Its dope I say Not dope like the coke That usually courses your veins Or like the smoke That gets you Crested tower high This dope is elegance and excellence Merged into a tight verse That brings to life beauty,... Continue Reading →

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"Фотоискусство" – блог Алексея Марковича, где он делится своими философскими размышлениями через призму фотографии



A Thing for Words

Writer Joseph Hesch's second-chance journey to a literary life.

Ricardo Sexton

.Welcome to my Metaphors.

The Naga

Critical. Crazy. Catastrophic.

Vonj Productions

Bringing you love through spirit!

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