words that pound…



the wind blows with a firery signature sometimes. Like flames of dry grass Or heat rays on semi arid land. It blows from the east Then chooses its own direction The unpredictably The timed untimeliness It leaves me awed. Today... Continue Reading →

O how I long for your touch Yes its ice Warm ice Its pain Sweet pain Its my understanding of satiety A cruel revelation of faith

His head has a coconut feel Lying by his side I wonder If it is filled with coconut milk Or the common grey matter. Its high or its low Love is a feeling that is never constant And when he... Continue Reading → Source: Milk white. The sound of this beginning is alien music to my ears. Its hope, it's the joy of winning. It's the sound made by a budding flower heralding the beginning of pain exiting. The sound of this... Continue Reading →


If I were a dandelion would you be a bee?

Where the river bends.

Meet me at the rivers' bend

The Road To Sanity.

The long ago that was yesterday is flying at the speed of asphalt under this car

To a purple kind of love.

...Just like a tear rolling down a smiling face Just like that hour between night and dawn...

the places we had gone to watch the tide ebb, how child like we had laughed,

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